Abe is currently accepting clients for both mixing and production at his studio in Brooklyn.


Abe specializes in music that combines electronic and acoustic textures. As a producer, mixer and engineer, Abe has worked with Yeasayer, Bear in Heaven, Reggie Watts, RAC, Ornette Coleman and many talented independent artists in the New York music scene. After managing James Murphy’s DFA Studios for two years, Abe opened Transmitter Park Studios in Brooklyn in 2011.


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If you are looking for something more than just a place to record or mix, then you are looking for production help. Production can be many things and differs from project to project. Regardless of what you need help with you can be assured that it is going to be communicated clearly and in an organized manner. Please contact Abe to schedule a meeting about producing your next project.


For the latest publicly available work examples, please click here. Every project has its own unique considerations and will be quoted individually based on such factors as track count, genre, instrumental or vocal, etc. Please email a rough mix to get a quote.

Please follow these guidelines on submitting files for mixing

If you want Abe to work from a rough mix:
Please do not send session files.
Only send clearly labeled consolidated audio files with effects printed.
Please print any automation.
Please include “dry” vocal tracks.
Please include any aux sends.
Please include a rough mix.

If you want Abe to start from scratch:
Please do not send session files.
Only send clearly labeled consolidated audio files.
Please include a rough mix.

Please contact Abe if you have any questions.



Day rates are available in 9 hour blocks and hourly rates are available with a minimum of 2 hours at his studio in Brooklyn. Abe is also available to travel and work at other studios. Please contact Abe for a quote to record your next project.


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Pure, unadulterated out-of-the-box house music. The duo is comprised of Abe and Morgan Wiley from Midnight Magic. There are two halves to Tippy Toes: one revolves around live synth freak-out jams that can extend for hours; the other - seen vividly on the EP - focuses on them distilling those elements into five-to-seven-minute-long tracks suitable for at-home and club play.

Low City

The brainchild of Abe Seiferth and composer/musician Jeremy Turner, Low City also features guest performances by members of Dirty Projectors and Bon Iver.